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DJ-Catalog 3.4.1 stable 4.4 out of 5 based on 11 votes.

DJ-Catalog2 v. 3.4.1. stable

Almost a month after DJ-Catalog 3.4.1 RC was released, stable version is ready.

Luckily there were only few minor bugs to fix.

With this stable version you can take advantage of new features like:

  • Multi-Upload - frontend and backend now supports multiupload for images and attachments. Some of you may know this feature from DJ-MediaTools and DJ-Classifieds. It really makes work a lot easier and faster.
  • Query cart and user's profiles - Now each customer can have a profile with address and company data (like VAT number). Instead of asking about each product separately customer can put bunch of products to a cart and send a query. All queries are stored in database. In fact you can use as a simple ordering system as well.
  • New core product attributes - additionally you can display
    • Author's name
    • Date of creation/publishing
    • number of how many times product has been displayed.

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