Monday, 14 May 2018 14:34
Modified: Tuesday, 15 May 2018 10:12

DJ Catalog2 3.7.2 ver

Updated DJ-Catalog2 is here! The new version introduces few important changes.

The most important thing is the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance. We've added additional form controls purposed to collect personal data in:

  • Ask about this product form
  • Cart form (Query or Checkout)

Now you can enable checkbox fields ("Privacy policy agreement" and "Data protection agreement" ) along with the information why you need to collect user data and whether user accepts your website's privacy policy or not.

ask about this product

checkout page

If the website's user sends the enquiry or submits the order, the administrator will receive the notification e-mail. It can be used in the future as a proof that user  has agreed to the consents.

We've released the article for DJ-Catalog2 documentation section, where you can learn more about the GDPR Agreements in DJ-Catalog2 forms.

Discount Coupons

Another new feature is discount coupons option purposed to give the possibility of creating promotional codes for customers.

Read the article from the documentation section and learn more about the available options: DJ-Catalog2 Discount coupons.

Default Image

This feature lets you add the default image to the products that do not have own photos.

Enable it in DJ-Catalog Options -> Image Processing tab.
default image
Once you add an image there and save the settings, each product without pictures will get the default image.

We've released the article for DJ-Catalog2 documentation section, where you can learn more about the default dummy images.

Display stock information

As the basic stock control feature was introduced when we released the DJ-Catalog2 with shopping cart we have now added a new feature that enhances that functionality.

With the "Display stock information" parameter you can control how the stock information is being displayed on the product page and on the product lists pages.

The available options are:

  • No - no stock information is being displayed
  • Only when out of stock - only when no items in stock the information is displayed
  • In stock / out of stock - both pieces of information about the availability and unavailability of the product is displayed
  • In stock (quantity) / out of stock - when this parameter is set the stock information will display the number of available items and information about the product being out of stock.

display stock info

This parameter is available in DJ-Catalog2 -> Options -> Cart tab.

Example from the product list:

1st example of stock


Example from the product page:

example from the product page


Please note: if the product has the variants set then there's information about the availability without the number.

New extra field - Multi-select

There's a new extra field type you can use in your products - Multi-select.

See the video to learn how easy it is to use the new field.


In the latest DJ-Catalog2 3.7.2 version we have also added the possibility to sort order products by Modify Date.

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