Wednesday, 16 September 2015 09:15
Modified: Wednesday, 16 September 2015 09:23

DJ Classifieds Final RC 3.4 version

Ok, this is the last version before going stable with 3.4 version. We hope to release it next week if nothing unexpected happens.

What changed? (+ stands for new feature, ! stands for fix)

  • 100. (+) Possibility to hide description in blog
  • 101. (+) Favourite icons based in CSS not images
  • 102. (+) New modle positions on dverts list djcf-ad-items-top-region (when you are on any region page )  and djcf-ad-items-top-regionXX (when you are on region with XX id)
  • 103. (!) Resolved problem with ordering of custom contact fields.
  • 104. (+) Email send after Bank Transfer added to email templates
  • 105. (!) Price per points in Points Packages rounded up to 4 digits
  • 106 (+) Possibility to overwritte DJ-Classifieds categoriees setings in menu item

This version can be downloaded in downloads section and is available for all active subscribers of DJ-Classifieds or Bundles with DJ-Classifieds.

Remember: This is not yet a Stable version - use it only for tests and NOT on production sites.