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DJ-Classifieds update! Version 3.3 beta
17 November 2014
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DJ-Classifieds update! Version 3.3 beta

26 November, 2021

We're pleased to announce that new version of DJ-Classifieds has been released. It is version 3.3 beta.

We made over 70 improvements and fixes.



Main new feature are auctions. Now you can allow your users to sell their items on auctions. Each user can set minimal price for his item and also set minimal possible bid increase.



Second new feature which many of you asked for, is possibility of charge for posting images. Administrator can set limit of free images and price for each additional image.



There are also two new themes for table view. First (rwdtable) has standard table layout but divs are used instead of html table. Second (smart table) has completly new layout. Both themes are responsive. We suggest to use them instead of old table-based theme wich will not be developed further.


Other new features:

  • Watermarks
  • Email templates
  • 18+ Warning in category
  • Possibility of charge for extra characters in description
  • ACL - posibility to set restrictions if category or adert details are for public/registered/special
  • Possibility to search adverts using Google API places
  • Category Tree module

You can find complete list of improvements and fixes in the changelog


What should I do to test the beta version?

You have two options:

  1. You can just download and install it on clean installation of Joomla (or on site where you want to test it and you feel secure that something can go wrong there [it’s a beta version])
  2. You can do the regular update on your current joomla installation. Remember that this is a beta version, it’s not yet ready for live sites. So if your site is a production website built on Joomla the good way would be to make a copy of the site and install it in different location to test all the new features and if the update in your case goes smooth.

Active subscribers can download the beta version from here.

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