Friday, 25 May 2018 00:00
Modified: Thursday, 14 June 2018 13:39

djcf 373RC ver

DJ-Classifieds 3.7.3 RC, Joomla classified ads extension released with GDPR compliance!

We would like to announce DJ-Classifieds GDPR extension 3.7.3 RC version release with new features, improvements and bug fixes. 

Please note that this is the RC (Release Candidate) version. Please let us know if you will find any issues with it, so we can improve it with the stable release.
We also plan to start release of the updated Joomla Monster templates for DJ-Classifieds next week. So in case, you're installing DJ-Classifieds 3.7.3 RC on the templates that are not yet updated some of the features can be missing on the frontend, but we have not found any problems.

Blog post about DJ-Classifieds 3.7.3 with new features listed was moved here: New version of DJ-Classifieds released

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