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The user account in DJ-Classifieds is an extensive feature. It consists of many views, and each has a different purpose. This makes it very configurable. We have prepared the guide to help you manage the "My Account" section for your users.

 "My Account" configuration

My account panel offers a standard "My profile" view, but also you can display many other views that may be useful for the website's users. 

How to configure the "My Account" area for DJ-Classifieds in Joomla

Let's see the list of available My Account views:

  • Favorites - displays user's favorite ads
  • User bids - displays ads where the user placed a bid
  • User items - displays all ads submitted by the user
  • User orders history - displays the user's order history through the "Buy Now" option
  • Sales history - displays the user's sales history through the "Buy Now" option
  • User points - displays points packages and the number of points owned by the user
  • User subscription plans - displays the user's subscription plans
  • Offers received - displays received offers for user's ads
  • Offers submitted - displays offers posted by the user
  • Saved search - displays saved search criteria

User account views

The user does not have to configure each view. He can choose among them and customize his panel freely, depending on his needs.

See the DJ-Classifieds demo site

DJ-Classifieds Test Drive

The view from the image with My Account view comes from our setup on Test Drive for DJ-Classifieds.

You can log in to the backend using 'test' as username and password

DJ-Classifieds Test Drive

If you have an active DJ-Classifieds subscription, you can buy a Quickstart package only. The price is $50. Please contact us to purchase.

More information:

Get DJ-Classifieds - starting from $67

Discount offer:

Unlimited Plan available for $199 only

Related extensions


Subscription Plans App

Create unlimited subscription plans for your users. This way instead of paying for each advert separately you can offer plans that will cover the most popular needs for ads.



Extend the functionality of DJ-Classifieds by giving users the possibility of offering their own prices for an item. Offers don't have to be monetary. Buyer can propose his offer (for example 100 USD and an iPhone).


Search Alerts

Users can save their searches and once the new advert that meets the criteria is submitted - they get notified. More engagement for the active users. Keep them coming back every time something they are looking for was submitted.