Sunday, 10 January 2021 16:39
Modified: Thursday, 29 April 2021 11:42

Quickstarts update 3.8DJ-Classifieds / Joomla classified ads extension has been recently updated to 3.8 version, including the conditional fields feature. As another step, we've updated the DJ-Classifieds Quickstart packages.

What is the quickstart?

The Quickstart package is a 1:1 exact copy of the demo site with all categories and demo products populated. Once installed you'll get 1:1 copy of our demo setup.

All active subscribers of DJ-Classifieds plans with Quickstarts included can download the latest package from the download section. All you need to do after downloading the package is installing at as normal Joomla installation.

Quickstarts updated

Updated packages come with the latest Joomla 3.9.23, DJ-MegaMenu light 4.0.1, EF4 Joomla Monster Framework 4.9.4 versions and the latest DJ-Classifieds 3.8 version included.

Updated quickstarts are:

  • Demo Quickstart package (Clean theme + JM Services template)

That quickstart includes latest DJ-Classifieds version and JM-Services template from Joomla-Monster along with the theme for DJ-Classifieds called "Clean."

  • Demo Quickstart package (Dedicated theme + JM template included) 

This is a Quickstart installer from the demo with Joomla-Monster's template's dedicated styling for DJ-Classifieds.

DJ-Classifieds demo

DJ-Classifieds Demo updated

Conditional fields are included on the demo site. The demo page visitors are only available in the search, as it is not possible to submit ads.

Conditional fields example

See the demo site

If you're the active subscriber of DJ-Classifieds (any plan) and want to get access to the Quickstarts (currently two versions are available), contact us so we can arrange that (cost is only $50 for two Quickstarts).

After purchasing one of the plans that come with DJ-Classifieds quickstart, you'll get access to the quickstart installer packages.

You can easily achieve the same effect that you can see in our demo. The installation package can be easily installed like the regular Joomla installation.

Learn how to install the DJ-Classifieds quickstart package