Monday, 20 May 2019 13:45
Modified: Tuesday, 21 May 2019 09:58

DJ Events 1.1.1 updateWe have updated the Joomla events & calendar extensionto 1.1.1 version. Let's see what's new and what it means for the users.

Improved Calendar module

Now, you will find a new section for tooltip settings in the Calendar module.

You can set the tooltip position, select when it should open and close.


Tooltip position

Depending on the setting you will see the tooltip appear in the selected place:

  1. Top
  2. Bottom
  3. Left 
  4. Right


Open Tooltip

You can decide if the tooltip will show up on mouse hover or mouse click.

Close Tooltip

You can decide if the tooltip will hide on leaving the cursor from the date or on click.

Better Accessibility of the calendar module

Another novelty is related to WCAG/ADA/Section 508 accessible websites requirements. We have added aria labels for the navigation.


Those navigation buttons got the aria-labels in the code for better navigation with the screen readers.


Social Sharing Icons

You can now display social buttons from various sharing platforms. It means you can include them in the event's details view.  

DJ-Events configuration contains now a button purposed to decide where to display Social icons (top or bottom).

Another new option is the field where you can insert the code generated using the sharing tools.

Social Sharing Icons for DJ-Events

Let's see the example of Social Icons from our DJ-Events demo site:

Social Sharing icons example

We have used here the same mechanism you may know from DJ-Classifieds sharing options. You can learn more about this method from the article: How to add social buttons to DJ-Classifieds and apply the same in DJ-Events.

Bug fixes

Below you can see the list of fixed bugs for this update:

  • Fixed the issue when the poster image was not set by default during upload, now the first image is always set as a poster for the event
  • Fixed possible PHP notice message on PHP7.x in the Joomla back-end
  • Fixed missing alt attribute for posters on events list/week views and DJ-Events Items module
  • Fixed issues related to events list on My events view, previously it displays all events instead of the logged-in user only events


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