Wednesday, 19 May 2021 12:14
Modified: Thursday, 17 June 2021 14:20

Joomla tabs extension update. Joomla 4

DJ-Tabs 2.0 with Joomla 4 compatibility, revamped themes customizer, and many new features is here.

If you're not familiar with DJ-Tabs, visit the new product page to learn more about its capabilities. We have also created the subpage for DJ-Tabs features and a new demo page to clearly explain what's possible with this extension

DJ-Tabs screenshot

The latest version brings Joomla 4compatibility and many new features that make working with this tabs and accordions Joomla extension fun. 

The most significant changes in DJ-Tabs 2.0 

  • Joomla 3and Joomla 4 compatible package that works on both systems,
  • 4 new themes added,
  • access level control for each tab,
  • redesigned theme customizer for better management of tabs and accordions look
  • updated admin panel,
  • nested tabs support (now you can display tabs in tabs, accordions in tabs, etc.), 
  • improved performance and cache control,
  • new options for customizing the elements in tabs like custom date formats, displaying article buttons (print, email, edit),
  • better filtering for articles from categories
  • added control over the tabs on mobile devices,
  • We have also fixed some issues that the users found.

Check the complete changelog for DJ-Tabs 2.0

New DJ-Tabs Demo to show the possibilities it offers

We have created a new demo page for DJ-Tabs. The demo shows the possible configurations you can achieve with DJ-Tabs. You can also use the built-in theme selector to see how the particular layouts will look like with different built-in themes that come with DJ-Tabs. Remember that you can create your own themes and modify existing ones to fit your website.

Explore DJ-Tabs demo page

More details about DJ-Tabs 2.0 

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