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New to DJ-Extensions?
WordPress Hosting and Joomla Hosting
19 June, 2024
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DJ-Extensions Hosting

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Unleash the Power of Joomla and WordPress with Industry-Leading Hosting Services

Maximize Your Website's Potential with the Right Hosting Provider

19 June, 2024

Are you ready to take your Joomla or WordPress website to the next level? Finding the right hosting for Joomla provider can make all the difference in delivering a seamless, high-performance experience for your visitors. From enhanced security features to stellar customer support, industry-leading hosting services ensure that your site operates at peak efficiency.

Are you still grappling with subpar hosting for your Joomla or WordPress site, or are you curious about the best options to unleash its full potential? The right hosting service can transform your site's speed, reliability, and security, making it a crucial component of your website's success.

Performance and Reliability Matter

The performance of your hosting provider directly affects your website's loading speed and uptime. High-speed SSD storage, advanced caching mechanisms, and optimized server configurations are essential for fast load times and a smooth user experience. Reliable hosting services offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, ensuring your site is always accessible to visitors.

Security Features for Peace of Mind

Robust security measures are vital for protecting your Joomla or WordPress site from cyber threats. Look for hosting providers that offer free SSL certificates, regular malware scans, advanced firewalls, and automated backups. These features help safeguard your data and provide a secure environment for your visitors


User-Friendly Management Tools

Ease of use is another critical factor when choosing a hosting provider. A user-friendly control panel, one-click installations for Joomla and WordPress, and automated updates simplify website management.
These tools allow you to focus on creating content and growing your site, rather than dealing with technical issues.

Joomla Instalator - hosting
WordPress Instalator - hosting

Best Hosting Options
for Joomla and WordPress

Choosing the right hosting provider for your Joomla or WordPress site is crucial for performance and reliability. Let’s delve into the best options available, crafted to meet the specific requirements of these platforms.

DJ-Extensions Hosting: Tailored for Joomla and WordPress Excellence

DJ-Extensions Hosting as service provider offers a specialized environment optimized for Joomla and WordPress, ensuring your site runs smoothly and efficiently. With our hosting, you benefit from:

  • High Performance: Servers with high-speed SSD storage and optimized configurations for Joomla and WordPress.
  • Robust Security: Free SSL certificates, regular malware scanning, and advanced firewalls to protect your site.
  • Easy Management: One-click Joomla and WordPress installations, automated updates, and a user-friendly control panel.
  • Reliable Uptime: Guaranteed 99.9% uptime to ensure your site is always accessible.
  • Advanced Technology: Support for Redis and LiteSpeed to enhance performance and speed.
  • Ample Resources: Each account comes with an impressive 6GB of RAM, which is unparalleled on shared hosting servers.
  • User-Friendly cPanel: Easy website management with cPanel, making it simple to handle all aspects of your hosting.
  • Free Plan for Subscribers: Active subscribers of DJ-Extensions enjoy a 12-month free hosting plan, making it an excellent value for maintaining and enhancing your Joomla or WordPress site.
  • Domain Options: You can register your own domain or use a provided test domain, offering flexibility in setting up your website.
joomla hosting

Smarthost: Reliable and Efficient Joomla and WordPress Hosting

Smarthost logo

Smarthost provides robust hosting solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of Joomla and WordPress users. With a focus on performance, security, and ease of use, Smarthost ensures your site operates smoothly.

  • Optimized Performance: High-speed SSD storage and advanced caching mechanisms to ensure fast load times for your Joomla and WordPress site.

  • Security: Comprehensive security features including free SSL certificates, daily backups, and malware protection.

  • User-Friendly Control Panel: Easy-to-use control panel with cPanel for simple website management.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee: Reliable uptime to ensure your site is always accessible.

  • Excellent Support: 24/7 customer support with Joomla and WordPress-specific expertise, ensuring you receive assistance when needed.

  • Multiple Data Centers: Hosting options available in multiple data centers to ensure optimal speed and reliability.

  • Free Migration: Hassle-free migration service to transfer your site to Smarthost without any downtime.

  • Scalable Plans: Various hosting plans to accommodate the growth of your Joomla or WordPress site, from shared hosting to VPS and dedicated servers.

Bluehost: Optimized Environments
for Seamless Joomla Website and WordPress Performance

Bluehost logo

Bluehost excels in offering a dedicated environment tailored for Joomla and WordPress, ensuring optimal performance. Their servers are configured to handle the complexities of these platforms, allowing for smoother operations and faster load times. With options like automatic updates and easy site management tools, Bluehost makes it simple to maintain your site.

SiteGround: Outstanding Customer Support Tailored
for Joomla and WordPress Users

siteground wordpress and Joomla hosting

SiteGround has developed a reputation for exceptional customer support, specifically catered to Joomla and WordPress users. They offer 24/7 support via phone, chat, and tickets, ensuring you get assistance when you need it most. Additionally, SiteGround provides several platform-specific features like one-click installations and automated updates, making it easy to keep your site up-to-date.

InMotion Hosting: High Uptime and Swift Load Times

InMotion hosting logo

InMotion Hosting guarantees high uptime and fast load times, essential for any Joomla or WordPress site. Their servers are optimized for speed, and they offer free SSD drives, which significantly enhance website performance. Moreover, InMotion’s hosting plans come with robust security features, including free SSL certificates and hack protection.

A2 Hosting: Turbo Servers
for Accelerating Joomla and WordPress Website Speeds

A2 Hosting is renowned for its Turbo Servers, which can load Joomla and WordPress pages up to 20 times faster than average hosting solutions. This speed boost can significantly improve user experience and SEO rankings. Their plans also come with advanced security features and a 99.9% uptime commitment.

HostPapa: Eco-Friendly Hosting with Joomla and WordPress Support

Host Papa logo

If you’re environmentally conscious, HostPapa offers green hosting solutions without compromising on performance. Their servers fully support Joomla and WordPress installations. Come with a variety of features such as free site migrations, easy one-click installations, and a user-friendly control panel.

Features to Look
for in Joomla and WordPress Hosting

Reliable Uptime

Reliable uptime is critical for your site, ensuring visitors can access your content without interruptions. Hosting providers that guarantee 99.9% uptime help maintain the availability of your site, which is pivotal for user retention and satisfaction.

Fast Loading Times

Fast loading times are vital for user experience and SEO rankings. Hosting providers like A2 Hosting and InMotion offer solutions specifically designed to speed up Joomla and WordPress sites. Quick load times can reduce bounce rates and increase user engagement.

Robust Security Measures

Security is a top concern for Joomla and WordPress users. Look for hosting services offering comprehensive security features such as free SSL certificates, regular malware scanning, and automated backups. These measures protect your site from potential threats and data loss.

Easy One-Click Installations

Simplify your setup process with one-click installations. This feature is particularly useful for those less technically inclined, enabling quick and hassle-free Joomla and WordPress installations from your hosting control panel.

Scalable Hosting Plans

As your site grows, your hosting needs may change. Choose a provider with scalable plans that allow you to upgrade resources as your traffic increases. This flexibility ensures your site remains performant without the need to migrate to a new host.

Special Considerations
for Joomla site and WordPress Users

Running a Joomla or WordPress site has unique requirements that your hosting provider should address.

PHP Version Compatibility

Joomla and WordPress sites run best on servers with the latest PHP versions. Ensure your hosting provider supports PHP 7.4 or higher for optimal performance and security.

Efficient Backup Solutions

Regular backups are crucial due to frequent updates and changes. Look for hosting services that offer automated and manual backup options to safeguard your data.

Active Joomla and WordPress Communities

An active community with forums and knowledge bases can be a valuable resource. Providers with robust community support enable you to find solutions and advice quickly.

Customized Caching Solutions

Caching solutions tailored for Joomla and WordPress can significantly enhance site performance. Choose a host offering advanced caching mechanisms to reduce load times and improve user experience.

Developer-Friendly Tools

If you have custom development needs, look for hosting providers that offer tools like SSH access, Git integration, and staging environments. These tools make it easier to test and deploy new features.

Tips for Choosing the Right Hosting Provider for Your Joomla or WordPress Site

Selecting the best hosting provider requires careful consideration. Here’s a guide to help you make the right choice.

Read User Reviews

User reviews provide valuable insights into the performance and reliability of hosting providers. Check forums and review sites to see what other Joomla and WordPress users think.

Compare Feature Lists

Look at the feature lists of different providers to see which one meets your needs. Consider aspects like security, speed, support, and scalability when making comparisons.

Robust Customer Support

Ensure your chosen provider offers robust customer support. Quick and knowledgeable help can resolve Joomla and WordPress-related issues efficiently, saving you time and frustration.

Scalable Plans for Growth

As your site grows, you may need more resources. Choose a provider with scalable plans that allow you to upgrade easily without switching hosts.

Security Protocols

Investigate the security measures offered by the provider. Features like SSL certificates, firewalls, and malware scanning are critical for keeping your site secure.


Finding the perfect joomla hosting provider for your Joomla cms or WordPress website can significantly boost its performance, security, and user experience. Among the top options, DJ-Extensions Hosting stands out with its impressive 6GB of RAM per account, unparalleled on shared hosting servers. This ample resource allocation ensures your site runs smoothly even under heavy traffic.

Additionally, the expertise of Joomla and WordPress developers at DJ-Extensions means you always have access to professional help for any non-standard issues that may arise. With the support for Redis, LiteSpeed, and a user-friendly cPanel, DJ-Extensions Hosting provides a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the specific needs of Joomla and WordPress users.

Special Offer: 12 Months Free Joomla Hosting from DJ-Extensions!

Unlock 12 months of free hosting with DJ-Extensions by simply purchasing or renewing the "Unlimited" plan within the last week. Follow these steps to claim your free hosting:

  1. Purchase or Renew Unlimited Plan: Within the last week.
  2. Sign Up: Use the same email on panel.indicoweb.eu
  3. Fill the Form: Complete the registration form for review.
  4. Additionally, you have the flexibility to register your own domain or use our free domain name.