Monday, 13 May 2019 11:08

 EF4 Framemork updated

The updated EF4 Joomla Framework comes with a bunch of new useful features. Let's focus on them.

Friday, 10 May 2019 09:39


We have prepared the 4.1 beta version of DJ-ImageSlider for you to test and would love to hear your feedback!

This is a big new release that brings many new features in slides customization allowing you to prepare the slides with a more personal touch. Additionally, we have updated the module parameters for the better organization of the slideshows setup.

Tuesday, 07 May 2019 00:00

DJ Media Tools ver 2.14

DJ MediaTools has received yet another update, 2.14, which brings a few fixes requested by the users.

Monday, 06 May 2019 00:00


DJ-Classifieds extension is now integrated with Geommunity Maps. Nordmograph team (authors of Geommunity) has released Geommunity Plugin: DJ-CLASSIFIEDS. 

Thursday, 18 April 2019 11:53

DJ-Classifieds ver

We have just released another update for DJ-Classifieds.

Recently we have updated our classified ads extension to version 3.7.7 that brought bigger changes, and today we're releasing the version with two new features and some fixes.

Thursday, 18 April 2019 00:00

Easter Sale 2019We would like to wish you a Happy Easter! Much prosperity and abundance! Take advantage of the 22% discount on all Joomla Extensions, bundles and apps to power up your Joomla website.

Monday, 08 April 2019 00:00

 We are JoomlaDay Israel 2019 sponsorsYesterday, on 27 March 2019, Joomla Day Israel took place in Tel Aviv. This conference was held for the ninth time in a row.

Friday, 05 April 2019 17:02

djcf addons updated

Quite recently, the premiere of the version 3.7.7 of the DJ-Classifieds component took place. It has not been a long time and we already have some new updates for you.

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