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ver. 3.1.0

DJ-Classifieds AIO package 3.1.0

1. (!) WHen region is disabled , coodrinates are generated only from address
2. (!) Price format in points payment details view.
3. (!) Skrill payment plugin , problem with history of payments
4. (!) Pay button on user items list, hidden when amount 0 is to pay
5. (!) Error when advert was saved in administrator without selecting category
6. (!) PayU non-latin characters problem
7. (!) Module user menu server separator problem
8. (!) Error wit aphostrophs in ask form message
9. (!) Contact form sliding problem on IE10 and mobile browsers
10. (!) Table tootlip test styling problem
11. (!) problem with colspan parameter on Items table when module was published in position 'djcf-items-table'
12. (!) Table list tooltip showed price or location labels when values was empty
13. (!) Problem with wrong Itemid to edit item link on useritems view
14. (!) module items double cache parameter
15. (!) Error 500 on useritems and additem
16. (+)  <meta name="robots" content="NOINDEX, FOLLOW" /> on search results and ordered pages
17. (+) Search results wilh info like 'We found 20 results in category "Real Estate" at location "England"
18. (+) Promotion 'Move to top'
19. (+) Search in defined radius from Post Code
20. (+) Follow 'search results' in Map module
21. (+) "Visible only for administrator" - new option in Custom fields
22. (+) Random ordering available in ordering parameters for table and blog
23. (!) Better support for RTL
24. (!) Falang support for categories names in Adverts Module, types in Advert details view and user items view
25. (+) Custom fields in table and blog layout
26. (+) Posiblity to disable adding adverts to selected category

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Thursday, 12 September 2013 12:49

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