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ver. 3.3.1
Friday, 06 February 2015 11:23
  1. (++) Posibility to set view parameters in menu link
  2. (!) Pagebreak plugin deleting tooltips on table view.
  3. (!) Problem with points packages icon on payment page
  4. (+) Replay to in ask form set for contact person email.
  5. (!) Hide current bids link when auctions are not activatedogłoszeniu
  6. (+) Extra class in images galery
  7. (+) Regions module, class compatible with Joomla 
  8. (+) Better calculation of galllery width
  9. (!) Pagebreak clearing description issue
  10. (!) Resolved problem with saving in menu CLASSIC table layout
  11. (+) Possibility to show all regions in regions module
  12. (+) Wrapper for buttons in search module

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