Thursday, 24 May 2018 10:18
Modified: Thursday, 14 June 2018 13:41
  • (++) GDPR solution for DJ-Classifieds
  • (++) New Profiles list view with search module.
  • (!) Resolved problem with preview while advert was edited by administrator
  • (+) Possibility to display archived adverts in adverts list and search
  • (+) Possibility to select type of user custom fields in DJ-Classifieds Registration
  • (!) Resolved problem with promotion days restriction after changing category
  • (+) Displaying in user adverts view Images from category when there are no image.
  • (+) Possibility to restrict "Ask Seller Form" via Subscription Plans
  • (+) Possibility to add and delete from Favourites in module DJ-Classifieds Items
  • (!) Resolved problem with default displaying of profile info in blog view.
  • (!) Resolved problem with missing mod attributes on blog adverts list.
  • (!) Resolved problem with missing durations to categories assignment in renew advert process
  • (!) Resolved problem with profile edition when fields group wasn't assignment
  • (!) Added into ask form mail new tag [[contact_author_name_link]] which links to sender profile.
  • (+) Possibility to Follow user adverts
  • (+) Possibility to send into sender copy of message from Ask Seller form
  • (!) Resolved problem with & in Subscription Plans redirection
  • (!) Resolved problem with links to files attachments during advert edition
  • (!) Resolved problem with RTL table title
  • (+) During advert creation when only numbers available in price then automatic coma deleting from price field.
  • (!) Resolved problem with displaying empty elements in multicategories plugin.
  • (!) Resolved problem with redirections after advert creation
  • (+) New sort option in DJ-Classifieds Items module which allows to sort via days left in promotion special
  • (!) Resolved problem with custom fields values while advert was edited by administrator

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