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ver. 1.3.0

package ver. 1.3.0

  • added lazy images loading for grid gallery layout
  • added video icon with 'open item details in modal window' option
  • added cached images purge function
  • added full description instead of turncated description in item view
  • added initial checks in the backend (folder permissions, GD library, memory limit potential issue)
  • added potential execution time and memory limit exceed workaround while resizing images
  • added 'On Mouse Over' option for 'Show description' parameter
  • fixed save&new task in custom item form
  • fixed search in title on custom items
  • fixed text filtering in item and category description
  • fixed displaying category filter list with pagination in the backend
  • fixed displaying multiline custom navigation in slideshow and slider layouts
  • updated skitterSlideshow script to the latest version and skitter init script moved to layout template (now all skitter options can be easily set)
  • removed doubled mime type header setting for dynamic stylesheets
  • changed selectors in slider.css.php from '#djsliderID ul#sliderID li' to '#djsliderID ul#sliderID > li' etc.
  • changed loader icon for slider, modern slider, slideshow, slideshow with thumbnails and tabber layouts
  • changed default ordering - new items and albums are first not last after save

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013 13:54

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