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ver. 2.6.0
  • (!) fixed notice message: Undefined property: stdClass::$video in ...\slideshow_imagelink.php on line 31
  • (!) fixed hiding description in gallery grid layout
  • (!) fixed Virtuemart plugin source compatibility with Virtuemart 3+
  • (+) added fetching video info with parsing Open Graph tags for LiveLeak and Yahoo! Movies
  • (+)added title field update with video title in the custom item edit view
  • (+)changed an open item detilas in modal (mootools) - modal replaced with jquery related magnific popup
  • (+)item and album scripts rewritten to jquery
  • (+)galleryGrid layout rewritten to jquery
  • slider layout improvements:
    • slider script based on jquery for Joomla!3+
    • css3 transitions with backward compatibility (jquery animations) for older browser
    • responsiveness for horizontal slider - script increase/decrease number of visible slides based on parent container width; 'Visible images' option became maximum number of visible images for horizontal slider
    • added new swipe navigation handling for touch screens - powertools.js is not loaded anymore

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Thursday, 17 December 2015 11:36

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