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Ver 4.3.3

16 December, 2021
  • (+) Font awesome CDN changed to Cloudflare CDN
  • (+) Dropdown animations updated and now are also loaded from Cloudflare CDN
  • (+) Optimization of loading CSS sheets
  • (+) Added possibility to use 2 or more off-canvas sidebars at one page (only with effect Slide in on top)
  • (+) Bbcodes and badges now are available also in the mobile menu (off-canvas)
  • (+) Improvements related to accessibility in the off-canvas sidebar
  • (!) Fixed the problem with the flickering dropdown on iOS
  • (!) Fixed issue related to not working sticky option in Joomla 4 (jQuery 3) on Firefox
  • (!) Mobile default off-canvas effect is now - Slide in on top
  • (!) Added aria-hidden attribute to image icons when link name is displayed to prevent screen reader issues

Release date: 15.12.2021

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