Now you can get DJ-Catalog2 with accompanying and integrated extensions for $139 instead of $264 with 1-year access to updates, downloads, and 1:1 support!

About the extensions in discounted plan

With this plan you'll get:

DJ-Catalog2 with all Ajax App: DJ-Catalog2 is a powerful e-commerce and directory solution for Joomla that can easily handle thousands of products. You can use it as a simple solution or configure it to run advanced scenarios for your business. It comes with core multilanguage and RTL support, payment, delivery, and integration plugins. Use it for physical and digital products as well as subscriptions to build a reliable website,
DJ-MediaTools: can be integrated smoothly and display filtered products from DJ-Catalog2, or you can use one of the available layouts (grid, sliders, slideshows, masonry, tabber + more - in total ten different layouts) to display the images inside the DJ-Catalog2 product. You can also build a Gallery of selected products!
DJ-Reviews: the rating and comments extension that integrates with DJ-Catalog2 to rate products. You can create your criteria and set their weight.
DJ-Suggester: that also integrates with DJ-Catalog2 to display more products in the slide-in as a suggestion to browser more products (it can follow category, and also allows for advanced filtering for categories, display content with or without image, etc.)

How to proceed?

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