DJ-Suggester discount on single subscriptions and bundles

30% discount for content and module suggestion tool - DJ-Suggester.

If you want to purchase DJ-Suggester it's a great moment now. If you are still considering this option, check the DJ-Suggester product website and learn more about this extension.

DJ-Suggester is an excellent way to keep users longer on the website. Decide when, where, and how you want to suggest more content to the user. Works with Joomla articles as well as other components: DJ-Classifieds, DJ-Catalog2, ZOO, EasyBlog, and K2. You can also add any module to the suggested box, so it can be used also as a tool to suggest not only content but also displaying something else at a given moment of the user's stay on the website. For example, it can be a contact form.

How to use DJ-Suggester?

Use: DJSG30 to get 30% Off with all of the single plans below:

You can also purchase two Joomla extensions bundles, with DJ-Suggester included, 30% OFF

Use: DJSG30 to get 30% Off with all of the bundles below:

DJ-Catalog2 + DJ-Suggester

DJ-Classifieds + DJ-MediaTools + DJ-Reviews + DJ-Suggester

Important!Renew or extend your subscription and get an automatic extra 25% discount!

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