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Joomla! e-commerce and directory extension

DJ-Catalog2 is a powerful e-commerce and directory solution for Joomla that can easily handle thousands of products. You can use it as a simple solution or configure it to run advanced scenarios for your business. It comes with core multilanguage and RTL support, payment, delivery, and integration plugins. Use it for physical and digital products as well as subscriptions to build a reliable website.

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Ajax Filters App for DJ-Catalog2

Ajax Filters App for DJ-Catalog2 provides the fastest way to filter the results in DJ-Catalog2. No need for the reload of the browser, to see the filtered content.

How Ajax for DJ-Ctalog2 works

Once the App is installed the filters start working with Ajax call.



  1. Download the plg_system_djcatalog2ajaxfilters App from the downloads section (if you don't have the App you can get it here for $9, or get it with a 1-year subscription for DJ-Catalog2)
  2. Install the plg_system_djcatalog2ajaxfilters package the same way as any other Joomla extension.
  3. Edit and enable the plugin.

See the video explaining the installation and usage of Ajax Filters App for DJ-Catalog2:

Check the demos: 

Get the Ajax Filters App: