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DJ-Catalog2 Integrations

The integrations listed below are available for free with the DJ-Catalog2. Some of them are being installed with the All In One package and some of them can be found in Downloads section for DJ-Catalog2.


4cat DJ-MediaTools plugin Use DJ-Catalog2 Items as a source of DJ-MediaTools Albums
1cat Joomla User Profile plugin Allows to add additional information to user profile
catalog2 plugins-pagebreak PageBreak plugin Allows to separate from the content (text above first pagebreak), named sections which will be displayed in divs, tabs or accordion.
catalog2 plugins-addthis Addthis plugin Allows any visitor to bookmark DJ-Catalog2 product pages easily with many popular services.
catalog2 plugins-customfield Custom Field plugin Allows to embed custom field into product's description.
1cat Joomla! Search component Allows to search inside the DJ-Catalog2 content
3cat Komento Plugin Allows your to comment on products items.
disqus 1cat Disqus plugin Allows users to comment items.
fbcomments 1cat FB Comments plugin Allows Fb users to comment items.
jcomments 1cat JComments plugin Allows users to comment items

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