Conditional Fields App

Conditional Fields App for DJ-Classifieds

The Conditional Fields App for DJ-Classifieds extends the functionality of DJ-Classifieds by adding conditional fields functionality and giving users the possibility of deciding when the chosen custom field should be displayed.

The user editing a custom field can specify a dependency when that field will appear. The solution is based on a specific value which is selected in another custom field. When the selected condition is met, the custom field appears on the list.

Conditional fields can be used in Category, Contact, Profile, and Ask Seller Form - this setting is possible when creating a new custom field.

How does it work?

The logic behind conditional fields in DJ-Classifieds is relatively straight-forward.

Editing a custom field makes it possible to create a condition when a given custom field is displayed. It allows you to build the entire structure of conditional fields, which will be perfect for an advanced portal where many variables can be used for given adverts.

For example: If a user posts a new advert with an item for sale and selects that this item’s condition is "Used," there will appear an extra field, with the item’s condition statement to select - good/bad.

See how it works during the new advert submission:

Conditional fields

See the same example working in the Search & Filter module:

Conditional fields app  

Learn more about the Conditional Fields App from the tutorial:

How to use conditional fields in DJ-Classifieds?

The conditional fields App is free to download for all active DJ-Classifieds extension subscribers.

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