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DJ-Classifieds coupons App

Coupons App for DJ-Classifieds

This apps brings discount coupons functionality to DJ-Classifieds. Now you can create unlimited amount of coupons and share them with your customers.

Multiple options allows to tailor the coupon code exactly how you need it using most of DJ-Classifieds features.

DJ-Classifieds Coupons App

You can set (all features listed here can be mixed with each other as well):

  • if the coupon will be for amount or percentage
  • set coupon for free promotions (for example: "2 promotions free with this coupon"
  • set the coupon for one particular promotion (for example: "Promotion First free with this coupon")
  • coupon for free categories (for example: "With this coupon you can post free to 3 paid categories" or "With this coupon you can post free advert to SELECTED category")
  • Dates when the coupon will be active
  • Maximum usage of the coupon (for example: You can run a promotion with the coupon code that will work only 3 times)
  • Maximum usage per user (for example: You can allow each user to use the coupon code only once or twice)

Beside that you'll find regular settings like:

  • Coupon's Name
  • Coupon's Code
  • Usage count - check and manipulate how many the coupon was used
  • Publication status (published/unpublished)
  • Coupon's description
  • Joomla User Group's restrictions (select which user groups will be able to use the coupon)

Tutorial: How to use and configure Coupons App

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Please note: You need to be running DJ-Classifieds ver. 3.5 to get this App working.

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