DJ-Suggester Plugin displays the box with suggested content from the currently viewed component. It works with Articles, DJ-Catalog2 Products, DJ-Classifieds Ads, K2 Items and EasyBlog Entries (more extensions will be added soon) and can also display modules. It shows up smoothly when website is scrolled to the bottom offset. 5 themes and easy theming system makes it's super easy to adjust to any website design.


Below is a list of available language packs for DJ-Suggester.
If the translation is not fully complete or missing - fear not - check this article to learn more about how you can translate DJ-Suggester to any language.

Download language packs

  • Russian 100%
  • German 100%
  • Portuguese 100%
  • Dutch 100%
  • Turish 100%
  • French 75%
  • Portuguese-Brasil 77%