In DJ-Catalog2 v. 3.7.2. we have introduced discount coupons optin that allows you to create promotional codes which can later be shared with your customers. Below you will find all the relevant features of the coupons:

  • Discount type - codes can either lower the price of the order by fixed amount or by percentage.
  • Discount value - the number specifies either the amount or the percentage.
  • Restrict reuse - allows to limit the number of times coupon can be used.
  • Reuse limit - maximum number of coupons
  • Restrict reuse per user - similar to Restrict reuse, although the limits are applied for each user individually. When this restriction is enabled, the coupon can be used by logged in users only.
  • Reuse limit per user - maximum number of coupons per user.
  • Assign to product - coupon can be valid only for limited range of products. When empty, this restriction doesn't apply.
  • Category restriction - range of categories in which coupon can be applied. When empty, this restriction doesn't apply.
  • Excluded product IDs - here you can provide comma-separated list of product IDs for which the coupon shouldn't apply.
  • Assign to user - the coupon can be assigned to just one specific customer.