This plugin allows to use DJ-Catalog2 products as a source of DJ-MediaTools Albums.

This plugin requires installed DJ-Catalog2 extension

This plugin comes free with the subscription of the extension.
You'll find it installed (you may need to enable it manually) after extension's installation, alternatively it's available in downloads section (available for active subscribers).


Short description:

  • Categories – select the category you want to display products from
  • Product ID's - list of products ID's that you want to be displayed
  • Featured only - yes/no
  • Featured first - yes/no
  • Order - set how to order the products you want to display
  • Order direction - ascending/descending
  • Default image - select deafult image to display if product has no image

Below you can see the example of DJ-MediaTools plugin used for DJ-Catalog2 products:

catalog producst