filters module

We would like to show you how the Filters module for DJ-Catalog2 works. Below you will find all important information - see how to configure the extra fields, how to add them to the DJ-Catalog2 product and how to configure the module.

Open the DJ-Catalog2 component.


Open the Extra Fields.



Create a "New" extra field.


We have created an example field named "Facilities".  It's assigned to "Hotels" Field Group.

Important! Extra fields need to have "use in filters" option active.

Fields with predefined values (select, radio, checkbox) can be used in all types of filter, and boxes of type "text" can only be filtered by "min-max (text)".
Other type of fields can not be used in the filters and this is due simply to the fact that the filter could have some choices they must be first defined and it's only possible if the fields are select / radio / checkbox.

filter extra 

We have also added 5 checkbox options.


Now go to DJ-Catalog2 control panel and create a New product.


We've created a new product named Blue Palace Resort. It was added to Hotels category.

filters hotel

It's important to define "Product attributes" for this product.

product attributes

Go to Extensions -> Modules


Find the Filters Module.


Below you can see all options for Filters Module.

For a proper module activity it is required to have DJ-Catalog2 product that use extra fields. Otherwise, the module will not appear.

  • Module Class Suffix - Set the module Class Suffix here
  • Show module - Choose on which pages the module be displayed
  • Group title -  Show/Hide
  • Groups in Accordion - Use accordion effect to split fields from different groups - Yes/No
  • Filters layout - Grouped or simple
  • Field groups - Select for which field groups filters will be displayed
  • Attributes - Leave empty to display all available
  • Categories - All/Selected/All w/o root category
  • Select categories - set the categories name
  • Counter - Displays no of products matching each attribute

filters 10

Go to "Advanced" tab. Here you can Filter width and Height. For example - the 33% width gives the 3 filter columns.

filters12 advanced width

Filters module can be also published at custom module position - djc2_filters 

It causes the "advanced search" button and this module will be displayed over the product's list.

filters13 pozycja dodatkowa

See the example below:

filters search