The DJ-Catalog2 Items is a simple module that allows to display the products from the selected category in a module position.

Let's take a look at the module parameters:

Short description:

  • Featured only – if set to Yes, only the featured products are displayed
  • Featured first – if set to Yes, the featured products are displayed first
  • Order by – select the products order
  • Order direction – choose the direction of the products ordering
  • Categories – select the category you want to display products from
  • Product IDs – Comma separated list of product IDs that you wish to be displayed, eg. 1,2,3,4
  • Count – maximum number of items
  • Show image – decide if you want to show image
  • Category name – display a category name as link, as text or hide
  • Producer name – display a producer name as link to producer lightbox, as text, as link to producer description or hide
  • Price – show price always, only if>0 (if the price is higher than 0) or hide
  • Description – Show or Hide a product description
  • Truncate description – turning on this option will remove all html tags from the description
  • Description length – enter a number limit of description characters; leave 0 to display all characters. Remember to choose Yes for the Truncate description option to see the effect
  • Read more – Show or Hide a read more link