Komento comments allows Komento users (or guests) to comment DJ-Catalog2 items.

This plugin comes free with the subscription of the extension.
You'll find it installed (you may need to enable it manually) after extension's installation, alternatively it's available in downloads section (available for active subscribers).

For the proper work of the integration it is required to have installed Komento component.

Go to Components -> Komento ->Integrations and choose DJ-Catalog2 from the list.

Now enable the comments. You should also choose the proper category where you want to use Komento comments.  We have selected "All categories".



To enable DJ-Catalog2 Komento comments open Components -> DJ-Catalog2 ->Options

Choose General settings tab and go to "Social sharing & commenting"


Short description:

Comments - Select comments type in advert view

Let's see the example DJ-Catalog2 product with enabled Komento plugin:




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