The plugin is installed normal way using Joomla extensions manager.

Install the plugin like any other extension.


Basic Settings

Show listings? - you can select here where you want to display DJ-Catalog2 products in OSMap component, possible options are (they are self-descriptive):

  • Always
  • In XML sitemap only
  • In HTML sitemap only


OSMap Sitemap Settings - This part is OSMap related. You'll find here specific settings for DJ-Catalog2 products, possible options are:

  • Category Priority
  • Category Change frequency
  • Listing Priority
  • Listing Change frequency


Quickstart guide (on clean OSMap installation)

  1. Install publish and set up the plugin
  2. In OSMap component (if you don't have it installed, you can get it from here: create a new sitemap and select the menu that has the top-level category of DJ-Catalog2 assigned to it. This way DJ-Catalog2 categories and items will be listed.
  3. Publish your OSMap Sitemap in the menu link.