See how to use the Pocztex plugin for the DJ-Catalog2 extension.

The plugin is a separate file that must be downloaded from the DJ-Extensions page and installed on your DJ-Catalog2 website.

Open the backend of the Joomla webpage, go to: "Extensions" and install the plugin like any other Joomla extension, using the "Install from package" tab.

After successful installation, go to "Extensions", select "Plugins" and find the plugin. Just type "Pocztex" in the search field and the plugin will appear under the name "DJ-Catalog2 DELIVERY - Pocztex". The plugin should be enabled.


After installation, you need to set up the plugin.

Open DJ-Catalog2 Cpanel

Click "Delivery methods" icon

Create new delivery method choosing DJ-Catalog2 Pocztex from the "plugin" option

There are two tabs to configure:


  • Name *
  • ID
  • Plugin *
  • Price
  • » Without tax
  • VAT rule
  • For Free amount
  • Shipment details
  • Published
  • Access
  • Available in countries
  • Postcodes
  • Minimum weight
  • Maximum weight
  • Weight unit
  • Description

Fields with * need to be configured.

Pocztex delivery edit


  • Środowisko - Production/Sandbox
  • Login - login ID
  • Hasło - password

Pocztex delivery settings

After the correct configuration that delivery method will be displayed at the list of available delivery options at the checkout.

Delivery options checkout