The second step is to create a producer.
Click the New Producer button from the control panel and you will be directed to the page:

Short description:

  • Name – enter the name of the producer
  • Alias – enter an alternate name of the producer or leave it blank
  • Published – status of the producer
  • Created date – the created date of the producer
  • Created by – you can change here the name of the user who created the producer
  • Description – enter a producer description in the text-area
  • Order – set a producer image order (this option appears if you first add the image and save the category)
  • Caption – enter an alternate text for the producer image
  • Image – browse and select the producer image
  • Delete – check the box and save the producer if you would like to delete the image (this option appears if you first add the image and save the producer)
  • Page Title– an optional text to be used as the title of the producer page in the HTML output
  • Meta description – an optional paragraph to be used as the description of the producer in the HTML output
  • Meta key – an optional comma-separated list of keywords or phrases to be used in the HTML output


See an example list of producers:

If you want to make some changes in an existing producer, e.g. change an image or a description, you can do it simply clicking on the Edit button after selecting the producer you want to edit.