In DJ-Catalog2 it is possible to create so-called combinations. They are kind of sub-products based on the main product, which is distinguished by a selected range of additional attributes (extra fields).

A combination is not a stand-alone product, it is not a child product (variant). The combination is an item that has an indiviudal price, stock level, SKU code and a set of field-value combinations of your choice.

A perfect example would be a t-shirt (main product) which comes in different colors (red, green, blue) and sizes (S, M, L). In such case, the combination could be a red t-shirt in S size which may have different price and stock level than a blue t-shirt, L size.

Of course, the product page, pictures, description and all other attributes defined in the main product would be common for all those combinations.


In order to be able to create combinations you must first create a custom field that will allow you to distinguish one combination from another and enable its "Cart variant" parameter. You can use following field types for this purpose:

  • radio
  • checkbox
  • select
  • color (similar to radio)
  • multiple colors (similar to checkbox)


When you create at least one such field (Cart variant), the additional tab is created within product edit form called "Combinations" and this is the place where you can manage existing combinations and create new ones.

Please note that this tab will appear only once you save a product! 


In the left column, you need to select groups of fields that you wish to be used for creating combinations. After selecting a group you will be presented a set of attributes which can be enabled or disabled by clicking the checkbox next to each.

Only enabled fields will be used in your product combinations.

New combinations can be created two ways:

  • one by one - by clicking "Add" button and selecting values of extra fields for each combination,
  • using generator - by selecting multiple values of extra fields in the left column and clicking "Generate" button:


Important to know:

  • Note that if you do not want to set different prices for your combinations then set their price to 0.00. In this case, the price of your main product will be used instead.
  • If you are selling product combinations then it is a good idea to set "On stock" property of the main product to "Always".