Once you have configured all the parameters, you are ready to add the first product.
Click on the New Product button from the Control Panel and you will be directed to the page:


Short description:

  • Name – enter a name of the product
  • Alias – enter an alternative name of the product or leave it blank
  • Published – status of the product
  • Access – The access level group that is allowed to view this item
  • Featured – assign the product to the featured products
  • Parent – in case you're creating child product select its parent
  • Category – choose a category of the product
  • Additional categories – additional categories in which the product will be displayed. Note that the canonical link element will be embedded in the header section of the product page to avoid duplicate content
  • Producer – choose a producer of the product
  • Available – only available products can be added to cart
  • Price – the price of the product
  • Special price – enter special (promotional) price of the product
  • Related items – assign related items to the product. Note that you have to save the product first in order to assign related items
  • Intro description – enter the product intro description in the text-area
  • Description – enter the product full description in the text-area


  • Page title – an optional text to be used as the title of the product page in the HTML output
  • Meta description – an optional paragraph to be used as the description of the product in the HTML output
  • Meta key – an optional comma-separated list of keywords or phrases to be used in the HTML output
  • Created date – the created date of the product
  • Created by – you can change here the name of the user who created the product
  • Start publishing – An optional date to start publishing
  • Finish publishing – An optional date to finish publishing


  • Order – set the product image order (this option appears if you first add the image and save the product)
  • Caption – enter the alternate text for the product image
  • Image – browse and select the product image
  • Delete – check the box and save the product if you want to delete the image (this option appears if you first add the image and save the product)


  • Caption – enter the alternate text for the file
  • File – browse and select the file



  • Address – enter address
  • Postcode – enter posrtcode
  • City – enter city
  • Country – select country form the list
  • Lattitude – Leave emapty if you want to generate coordinates automatically - based on given address
  • Longitude – Leave emapty if you want to generate coordinates automatically - based on given address
  • Phone – enter phone number
  • Mobile – enter mobile number
  • Fax – enter fax number
  • Website – enter website
  • Email – enter email address


Product attributes

  • Field group – select one or more available field groups

enter or select attributes values, list of attributes depends on selected field groups


  • Contact form – contact form allows guest to ask question about particular product
  • Comments – choose if you want to use Facebook or DISQUS comments or not
  • Price for registered only – Choose 'yes' if you want to display prices for logged-in users only
  • Product images – Choose if product images should be visible within the description
  • Category name – Displaying category name
  • Producer name – Displaying producer name
  • Price – Show price
  • Old price – Choose if you want to display old price if a product has special price defined
  • Author – Allows to display name of the author or link to its products
  • Hits – Number of how many times product page has been displayed
  • Created date – Product's creation date
  • Publish date – Product's publishing date
  • Cart button – Displays 'Add to cart' button when Cart is enabled and product is available
  • Intro description – Displays intro description before the full description
  • Navigation – Display next/prev links
  • Print button – Link to printable version of product page
  • Attachments – Display list of attachments that can be downloaded
  • File information – Display file information below each attachment
  • Related items' columns – Enter the number of columns in which realted products will be displayed
  • No. of related items – Enter the number of related items that will be displayed in single item view

See an example list of products:


If you want to make some changes in the added product e.g. change the image or the description, you can do it simply clicking on the Edit button after selecting the product you want to edit.