Thursday, 29 November 2018 12:39
Modified: Thursday, 27 December 2018 14:43


Download the package pkg_djchat_1.0 from your download area. Unzip the package and install :

  • Com_djchat
  • Mod_djchatlistener
  • Plg_djclassifieds_djchat

After successfully installation, go to Components > DJ-ChatJoomla user chat components

Go to DJ-Chat options > Permissions and change the permissions (Chat with others) for Register group, to allow users to communicate with others. Thanks to this, users will be allowed to talk to each other.

Joomla chat

Go to plugins and find - DJ-Classifieds - DJ-Chat and enable the plugin.

Livechat plugin Joomla

To publish the chat only on selected menu items, e.g., if you don't want the chat on the front page, you need to publish the "DJ-Chat listener" module on the selected menu items. To display the module, we suggest using the "Debug" position.

After completing all steps, the logged in user DJ-Classifieds will be able to chat with another user.

djchat view

To display chat history as a menu item, you need to publish "DJ-Chat Messages" menu item. 

( Menus > Menu items> New Menu item > DJ-Chat > Messages )

Livechat Joomla

In default this will look like this: