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Now you are ready to add the first advert.
Click on the Add Item button from the Control Panel and you will be directed to the page:

Short description:


  • Name – enter the name of the advert
  • Alias – enter alias
  • Type – select type of ad
  • Price – enter the price of the product
  • Price negotiable – choose if price is negotiable
  • Currency – select currency
  • Website – enter the website of the vendor
  • Video link – enter link to the movie on youtube or vimeo
  • Contact – contact details of the vendor
  • Intro description - enter the advert intro description in the text-area
  • Description - enter the advert full description in the text-area

Category and Custom Fields

  • Category – choose the category of the advert
  • Extra fields – extra fields assigned to the selected category


  • Location – select location for the vendor
  • Address – enter the address of the vendor
  • Post code – enter the post code of the vendor
  • Latitude – enter latitude
  • Longitude – enter longitude


  • Published – status of the advert
  • Paid – select if the advert is paid
  • Expiration date – expiration date of the advert
  • Expiration time - expiration time of the advert
  • Created by – select user as creator of the advert
  • Viewing Access Restrictions –
  • Abuse raports – number of the abuse raports
  • Duration – select days
  • Meta Keywords – enter meta keywords
  • Meta Description – enter meta description


  • Promotions – select choosen promotion types


  • Images included – shows images included into the advert
  • Add image – browse and select the advert image
  • Auction – enable or disable auction
  • Min bid increase – enter minimal bid increase
  • Max bid increase – enter maximal bid increase
  • Reserve price – enter minimal price
  • Current Bids – list of current bids
See an example list of adverts:




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