Wednesday, 11 July 2018 11:29

Here's the list of cookies used by DJ-Classifieds if you want to include it on your list of cookies used on the website. This can be useful if you want to fully comply with the GDPR.

Cookie NamePurposeDuration
djcf_last_newregidUsed in administrator panel during the creation of the regions to improve adding of regions, parent id of the lastly added region is stored, and in new regions, the same parent id is auto-selected7 days 
djcf_lastitemsUsed to display lastly viewed adverts in DJ-Classifieds Items moduledefault 7 days and depends on the configuration of the parameter "Recently viewed ads store time". 
djcf_latlonStores the geolocation information shared by the browser. They are used for:
- maps centralization, so user see his area, 
- driver directions 
- radius search around point
1 day
djcf_regidRestricts adverts in DJ-Classifieds modules and components to preselected by user location 30 days
djcf_clatlonRestricts adverts in DJ-Classifieds modules and components to shared by user geolocation30 days
djcf_lastcatAuto-selection of the lastly seen category in search
Auto-selection of the lastly seen category in new advert form 
Display adverts in DJ-Classifieds Items module from lastly seen category
djcf_warning18Stores information about confirmation of age for restricted content1 day

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