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Export to XML file

Export items

Open the DJ-Classifieds component and choose "Items" from the left menu.

Instead of "export filtered" and "export selected" there is only one button - "Export"

  • if there is nothing filtered or marked, all ads are exported.
  • if there are any restrictions, for eg search engine or category filter, only these filtered ads are reported.
  • if any ads are marked on the list, only they are exported.

expot items


There is now a possiblity to export user profile and items to XML file.

Export user profile

Open the DJ-Classifieds component and choose "User profiles" from the left menu.

export button new

In the profile view, each row has an own button responsible for export, after pressing in the system message a download link is given.

There we have:

  • Details
  • Avatar
  • Extra fields data
  • Location
  • Payments
  • Offers
  • Orders
  • Items messages
  • Profiles messages

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