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Regions module

Regions module displays all location in the menu-like layout. It is similar to Categories module.

The module is called mod_djclassifieds_regions // DJClassifieds Regions.

Once edited you can change: 

regions menu module


  • Module Class Suffix - this is a regular field to enter the module class suffix of you want to get different styling for the module
  • Maximum level - How many levels of the regions should be displayed
  • Expand type - select if the module should display all regions or just the current path
  • Number of adverts - show or hide the number of ads for the regions
  • Main region - choose the parent for the regions in the module - All regions or selected one
  • Save region ID - after selection region will be saved in cookie and only adverts from this region will be displayed in all DJ-Classifieds component

This is how the configured module can be displayed: 


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