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Learn how to use the statistics module 

Statistics module allows displaying stats about your classifieds site.

Frontend view

Statistics module frontend

Backend view

Statistics module backend

  • Module Class Suffix 
  • Text before - text before module
  • Text after - text after module
  • Ads total - total number of active adverts
  • Ads active - advert active
  • Added today - adverts added today
  • Added last 24h - adverts added in last 24 hours
  • Added current week - adverts added in current week
  • Added last 7 days - adverts added in last 7 days
  • Added current month - adverts added in current month
  • Added last 30 days - adverts added in last 30 days
  • Added current year - adverts added in current year
  • Added last year - adverts added in last year
  • Auctions number - number of active adverts with auctions feature
  • Categories number - number of active categories

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Statistics module

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