DJ-CookieMonster Joomla plugin is purposed for informing website visitors about cookie policy.

Install the “DJ-CookieMonster” plugin in the Joomla backend. Enable the DJ-CookieMonster plugin.

This plugin is installed like any other Joomla plugin.

Let's see the plugin settings:

DJ-CookieMonster 1.7.3 plugin

  • Test mode - enable to test how the plugins works
  • Show once - the message will be displayed only once, at the first visit
  • Display for registered - displays the information also for logged users
  • Target - select where should the message appear
  • Close button text - if you leave this empty, default value will be used
  • Close button title attribute - enable title attribute for the close button
  • Close button title text - enter text for close button attribute
  • Close button aria-label attribute - enable aria-label attribute for the close button
  • Close button aria-label attribute text - enter text for close button aria-label attribute
  • Width - set the width in % or px
  • Height - set the width in % or px
  • Fixed position - doesn't apply to message system target and style 5,6,7
  • Theme - choose from 8 styles
  • Fixed offset - distance from top/bottom of the window
  • Cookie time - enter number of days during which the cookie alert will not be displayed
  • Message Source - you can choose whether to display standard notification or custom message in the HTML module

Plugin source settings:

  • Message header - if you leave this empty, no header will be displayed
  • Message - if you leave this empty, default message will be used
  • Policy URL - URL address of cookie policy article
  • Policy URL label - for example, "read more" leave it empty for the default setting
  • Policy URL target - same or new window

Module source settings:

  • Module - use this if you selected a custom module as the source of the message

A configured plugin that lets you display cookie warning on your website and make it compliant with EU law.

Let's see how it works on the front page:

Cookie policy plugin