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Create a slide

The second step is creating a slide.

Press Slides and then New in the top left corner. You will see a page:

Short description:

  • Title – enter a name of slide
  • Category – choose a category of slide
  • Slide image – choose a slide image
  • Slide description – enter a description of a slide
  • Status – choose yes/no if you want to publish slide or not
  • Start Publishing - an optional date from which the slide should be published from
  • Finish Publishing - an optional date to which the slide should be published
  • Link Type – choose if the slide should link to anything and type of the link: menu, url, article
  • Menu item – if you have selected menu item as target, then choose the proper menu item
  • URL Address – if you have selected url address as target, then put the proper url address
  • Article -  if you have selected article as a target, then select proper article
  • Target Window - choose if link should be opened in new or in the same window, if selected option "auto" external url will be opened in new window and internal link in the same window


See an example list of slides:

If you want to make some changes in added slide e.g. change an image or a description, you have to edit a respective slide.

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