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DJ-jQueryMonster is a free Joomla plugin that helps to rid of the conflicts with jQuery.

If this plugin is enabled it takes care of the correct order of scripts inclusion. Additionally, it can remove unnecessary jQuery and jQuery UI instances and replace them with selected version of those scripts.

Enabling jQuery and/or jQuery UI will not only include the selected version of the script to your website, but it will also remove all other jQuery/jQuery UI scripts from the source code to avoid including the same library few times what is the most common issue on the websites with many 3rd party extensions installed.

To open the plugin's settings Navigate Extensions > Plugin Manager and choose DJ-jQueryMonster plugin.


  • Enable jQuery – choose if you want to use jQuery
  • Version – select version of jQuery
  • Custom jQuery version – enter custom version
  • Custom jQuery path – You can use jQuery path. Type full address starting with http.
  • jQuery.noConflict inline script cleanup – choose option to remove jQuery.noConflict script
  • Enable jQuery UI – choose if you want to use jQuery UI
  • Version – select version of jQuery UI
  • Custom jQuery UI version – enter UI version
  • Custom jQuery UI path – You can use jQuery UI path. Type full address starting with http.
  • jQuery UI theme – select theme
  • jQuery UI custom theme – You can use custom jQuery UI css theme path. Type full address starting with http.
  • Compressed libriaries – Use compressed or uncompressed jQuery libraries
  • Protocol – The protocol to use for the loading of the libraries from the Google's CDN
  • Protect scripts – Protects scripts from removal. Type each script SRC in new line.
  • Remove Mootools – You can force to remove Mootools if you are sure it's not used on your webside.
  • Debug mode – Enable this option to display information how plugin manupulates the scripts and styles. This option should be disabled on productive websites.

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