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DJ-LikeBox module

DJ-LikeBox is a simple module that displays the Facebook Fan Box.
With this module you don't need to look for the API key, just enter the url address of your fan page, set the basic module parameters and that's it!

Navigate Extensions > Module Manager and choose the DJ-LikeBox module.

Let's take a look at Module Parameters:


Short description:

  • Facebook Page URL – enter an URL address to the Facebook fan page
  • Width – set the width of the module in pixels. The default width is 300px
  • Height – set the height of the module in pixels. The default height varies based on number of connections to display and whether the stream is displayed. With the stream displayed and 10 connections the default height is 556px. With no connections and no stream the default height is 63px
  • Color Scheme – choose the color scheme for the module
  • Connections – enter the maximum number of profile pictures to display in the module. The default number is 10
  • Stream – show/hide the latest wall posts
  • Header – show/hide the Facebook header
  • Footer and border – show/hide the Facebook footer at the bottom of the module and the border around the like box

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