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The DJ-MediaTools component allows to display albums with custom items or any different content from other 3rd party extensions using Album Source Plugins on up to 7 different layouts including gallery grid, slideshow based on our new eye-catching mootools script or slider based on DJ-ImageSlider.

Let's take a look at the landing page of the DJ-MediaTools component.
Navigate to Extensions → DJ-MediaTools and you will see the control panel:


Short description:

  • Albums – shortcut to a list of existing albums
  • New Album – shortcut to create a new album
  • Custom Items – shortcut to a list of existing custom items (album custom content)
  • New Item – shortcut to add a new custom item
  • Images cache – shortcut to tool which allows you to purde cached images and force its recreation
  • Album Source Plugins – shortcut to a list of available Album Source Plugins
  • Options – link to the DJ-MediaTools component global configuration
  • Documentation - link to the documentation at

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