To create new Custom Item click on the New Item button from the Control Panel and you will be directed to the form display below.

Note that you need to create at least one Album to be able to save new Custom Item.


There are two columns in this form. The main one on the left and the parameters on the right. Let's take a look at the main column.

  • Title – Title of custom item
  • Item image – Choose the item image, the most important element of custom item
  • Background Video - You can playback short looped and muted video instead of displaying a static image.
    Paste here the whole link starting with http:// to the video on, or URL to local/remote .MP4 video.
    This feature is supported in layouts: Slideshow, Slideshow with thumbnails, Tabber and Modern Slider.
  • Full Video link - You can add a regular video which will be played when a user clicks the play button.
    Paste here the whole link starting with http:// to the video on,,,,, Yahoo Movies or direct URL to local/remote MP4 video.
    This feature is supported in all layouts except: Nivo Slider and Skitter Slideshow.
  • Item description – Short item description

Let's the parameters at the right column:

  • Album – Assign the item to the album
  • Status – Set publication status
  • Start Publishing –An optional date to Start Publishing the item
  • Finish Publishing – An optional date to Finish Publishing the item
  • ID - set the ID number

Additional options for custom item linking:

  • Link type - Choose the type of the link for this item
    • Menu item - Choose the menu item, the link to the selected page will be created automatically
    • URL Address - Type the custom URL here. You can use also an internal link which will be parsed to SEF URL
    • Article - Choose the article, the link to the selected article will be created automatically
  • Target Window - Target browser window where the link will be opened. If you choose 'auto' option the external links will be opened in a new window while internal links will be open in the same window
  • REL attribute - set the HTML Rel attribute for anchor element. It specifies the relation between the current document and linked document

Other additional options are related to image attributes:

  • ALT attribute - if empty then custom item title will be used
  • TITLE attribute -  if empty then no title attribute will be used

When you finish you can save the new Custom Item with one of the available saving buttons. 

Custom Items List

Here is an example list of created Items which can be filtered by title, publication status and Album.


You can use toolbar buttons on the top right to create new, edit, delete or change publication status of existing items.

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