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J2Store integration

j2store integration for mediatools

This integration/plugin allows to use J2Store Products as a source of DJ-MediaTools Albums

Go to Extensions -> Plugins and filter DJ-MediaTools Source Plugin - J2Store

Open the plugin and configure it.

Source settings:

  • Source - choose whether to fetch items from category or individual items
  • Filtering options for categories - set the category name
  • Category filtering type - Select inclusive to include the selected Categories , Exclusive to exclude the selected categories
  • Category - select one or more categories
  • Child category articles - include/exclude article from child categories
  • Category Depth - the number of child category levels to return
  • Featured Articles -  Select to show/hide or only display featured articles
  • Article Field to Order by - select which field you would like to be ordered by 
  • Ordering direction - select the direction you would like the articles to be ordered by
  • Items (Fill this if you choose items as source) -choose items as source
  • Items list (comma separated Article IDs) - enter a comma separated IDs
  • Layout Options (common for both sources) - set the layout options
  • Show price - show price 
  • Show cart - enable this option to show the J2Store add to cart block
  • Show quantity box - enable this option to show quantity box
  • Add to cart  (Note: you can see the options for products having simple types only) - Show cart with product options/do not show options/always take customer to detail product view 
  • Choose Product Image from - this will set where to get the images to display for the product based on the selection of Article image/J2Store thumbnail image
  • Link to - set a single link to the single product based on the selection of article view/J2store product view
  • Select a menu ( only supports for Link to option: J2Store Product view) * - choose a menu from the list
  • Default image - select the default image to display if your product does not contain any images

j2store options

 Make sure the plugin is enabled and Save.


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