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Module options

DJ-MegaMenu module is necessary to display menu in the module position. 

Navigate Extensions > Module Manager and choose DJ-MegaMenu module.

Let's take a look at Module Parameters:


  • Menu Name – The name of the menu (default is mainmenu)
  • Start level – Level to start rendering the menu at.
  • End level – Level to stop rendering the menu at. If you choose 'All', all levels will be shown.
  • Show icons in – Choose to show menu items' icons in mega menu, monile menu, both or disable the icons completly.
  • Show subtitles in – Choose to show menu items' subtitles in mega menu, mobile menu, both or disable the subtitles completely.
  • Use Note as subtitle – Use menu item note field as subtitle when subtitle parameter is empty.
  • Include Font Awesome - Yes/No

Mega Menu Options


  • Theme – Choose the theme for DJ-MegaMenu. You can create your own theme by copy the existing one and renaming the folder or copy the djmegamenu.css file from default theme into /templates/[your_template]/css/ and set theme to '- override from template -'.
  • Submenu type – Show submenu items as tree or dropdown menu. It can be overridden in menu item settings (DJ-MegaMenu Options)
  • Dropdown direction – Use obnly id you want to force default dropdown direction, which is based on language direction by default. It can be overridden in menu item settings (DJ-MegaMenu Options).
  • Column width in pixels – Set default column width in pixels. It can be overriden in menu item settings (DJ-MegaMenu Options).
  • CSS3 Animations and scripts features – Enabling makes the menu animate with nice CSS3 animations and also add the extra features such as sticky menu, keeping submenus inside wrapper, delay before close submenu or touch screens better experience.
  • Entrance animation – select one of available animations.
  • Exit animation – select one of available animations.
  • Animation speed – select one of available speeds.
  • Delay time before open submenu -  Set delay time in miliseconds (1000 ms = 1 second)
  • Delay time before close submenu – Set delay time in miliseconds (1000 ms = 1 second)
  • Open event – Bulid submenu which open on click event instead of hover. you can apply click event for all items or just for separators. Touch screens by default use click event for all items.
  • Wrapper id – Submenu will change direction if it goes out the container with wrapper id. Default wrapper is container with .dj-megamenu class
  • Sticky menu – It makes your DJ-MegaMenu always visible while scrolling page down.
  • Keyboard acces (WCAG 2.0) - Enable keyboard access to meet WCAG requirements.

Mobile Menu Options


  • Mobile Menu – Use mobile menu for screens smaller than the with set below
  • Mobile Menu Theme –  Choose the theme for mobile menu. You can create your own theme by copy the existing one and renaming the folder or copy the djmobilemenu.css file from a mobile theme into /templates/[your_template]/css/ and set mobile theme to '-override from template-'
  • Mobile Menu trigger width – Mega Menu will be switched to Mobile Menu for screens narrower than set value.
  • Start Collapsed - Display collapsed mobile menu on a start.

You can put the Mobile Menu in another module position using DJ-MegaMenu - Mobile Menu Button module. Alternatively you can copy and paste the Mobile Menu Wrapper Code anywhere in your Joomla template or custom HTML module to display Mobile Menu whereever you need.

  • Mobile Menu Wrapper Code 

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