Remember to enable DJ-MegaMenu system plugin, it will display additional parameter tab in menu item form.


Let's see the available options in menu item.

megamenu menu item options

  • Show menu item in - choose to show menu item in mega menu, mobile menu or both
  • Menu Subtitle − This text will be displayed below the menu item title
  • Menu Icon - set Font Awesome or Bootstrap icon
  • Full width submenu - make the submenu of this menu item to be 100% menu wide and the columns divided in percents.
  • Start new column - yes/no
  • Column width in pixels - set first or new column widht in pixels
  • Submenu type - choose submenu type for this item
  • Dropdown direction - choose default, left or right direction
  • Background image - select background image 
  • BG Horizontal position - set background horizontal position
  • BG Vertical position - set background vertical position
  • Module position - set the module position
  • Module style - code that will wrap modules loaded into menu item 
  • Show link with module - yes/no
  • Mobile module position - set the module position
  • Mobile module style - code that will wrap modules loaded into menu item
  • Show link with module - show anchor menu item in standard joomla menu
  • Access Key - define access key for immediately jump to a specific part of a web page via a keyboard