Open the component by going to Components → DJ-Messages and click Options in the top right of the component.

Global settings

djmessages config

Set the Notify administrator to Yes and choose the user that will receive notifications about each conversation made by users on the website.

DJ-Messages logging configuration

DJ-Messages Logging config

  • Sending Messages 
  • Send message log - should system log when user sends a new message to other user - yes/no
  • Reply message log - should system log when user reply message - yes/no
  • Excluded groups - which user groups should be ignored while system login actions
  • General
  • Read message log - should system log when user read messages - yes/no
  • Delete message log - yes/no
  • Profile update log - should system log when user update DJ-Messages profile - yes/no


DJ-Messages backend settings

  • Default view  - choose the view
  • Control panel - show/hide
  • Messages - show/hide
  • Templates - show/hide
  • Users - show/hide
  • Lists - show/hide


Important: You need to set the permissions for the registered users so they can manage the messages with the inbox/outbox.It is how the setting should like (you can also change it per your needs and allow for the communication for certain groups of users, or for example let send the attachments only for a certain group). For the purpose of this tutorial, we'll set all three settings to "Allow". Your settings should look like this: